This is our 3rd Year!!!!

2012 Award Winners

first year winners

"We've come a long way!" Jacob J. Sattleen


Tsunami Sprint Itinerary

September 6th, 2014

8:00 am - Registration Begins inside the Powwow Pavillion

9:00 am - 1st bus leave to Cusick Docks

9:30 am - 2nd bus leaves to Cusick Docks

10:00 - Race Begins

12:00 pm - Food by Kinja

1:00 pm - Award Ceremony


*1st Place Awards*

Men's Individual
Team Relay
Women's Individual
Shawn Burke
Payton Bakowy
Megan Leary
Great Job!!!


2014 Goal = 100 competitors


Changes to next years race!

Swim Start will be different.

Team Relay Bikes will be allowed down boat launch.

Water Station and Bathroom where dirt and pavement intersect on run.

Timer will be better prepared to track city league results.

Team pictures will be taken immediately following the finish.

Taiko drums will play until team relay, men's, and women's individual have crossed finish line.

Thank you.

Jacob J. Sattleen



Team Bakowy - 1hr 20min 53sec
Team Marthaller - 1hr 45min 30sec
Team Sattleen - 2hr 11min 50sec
Team Jones - 2hr 12min 16sec

Men's Individual
Shawn Burke - 1hr 25min 53sec
Steve Kirschke -  1hr 26min 54sec
Ivan Tucker - 1hr 29min 27sec
Frank Pisano - 1hr 32min 26sec
Bryant Baxter - 1hr 33min 37sec
Tom Moore - 1hr 37min 48sec
Jerry Hill - 1hr 37min 48sec
Don Wimpenny - 1hr 38min 45sec
Mike Bowman - 1hr 41min 03sec
Jonathan Johnson - 1hr 44min 38sec
Shawn Leary - 1hr 46min 37sec
Paul Haas - 1hr 46min 45sec
Jaxson Johnson - 1hr 46min 59sec
Al Olsen - 1hr 49min 08sec
Richard Feldman - 1hr 53min 22sec
Chris Gradoville - 1hr 54min 32sec
Cory Cooper - 1hr 57min 06sec
Mason McCuddin - 1hr 57min 28sec
Michael Courtner - 1hr 59min 51sec
Bruce Howard - 2hr 01min 31sec
Jared Pettey - 2hr 07min 28sec
Timothy Dickerson - 2hr 10min 51sec
Tom Aylward - 2hr 13min 26sec

Women's Individual
Megan Leary - 1hr 32min 24sec
Shelly Moss - 1hr 35min 08sec
Andrea Miller - 1hr 41min 26sec
Darcy Ayn Staudinger - 1hr 46min 13sec
Rebecca Iden - 1hr 52min 01sec
Colleen Cicarelli - 1hr 53min 15sec
Kari Moore - 1hr 56min 16sec
Melanie Endicott - 1hr 58min 38sec
Jessica Johnson - 2hr 0min 57sec
Jen Johnson - 2hr 5min 10sec
Mandi Bingham - 2hr 5min 23sec
Melissa Pettey - 2hr 07min 28sec
Patricia Graddos - 2hr 8min 21sec
Amber Gifford - 2hr 10min 17sec
Aimee Dursma - 2hr 12min 20sec
Mary Lynn Boardman - 2hr 22min 28sec
Sheri Wohl - 2hr 53min 55sec
Teresa Charvet - 2hr 53min 55sec
Rebecca Burnham - 3hr 24min 15sec
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